metalweb stock in the UK a range of steels, largely for aerospace applications. In addition, stainless steel, mild steel, maraging steel and tool steels can all be supplied. Reliance are the world’s largest stockholding group of steel materials – so metalweb can offer direct access to significant group stocks of steels.

Stock range

metalweb’s range of steel types in a variety of forms (plate, sheet, round bar, flat bar) and specifications include:

  • Aerospace steels
  • Commercial steels
  • Mild steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Maraging Steels
  • Tool steels
  • Both Austenitic and Martensitic steels

As part of an American owned group of companies, metalweb have a distinct advantage in the UK and European market in being able to offer a large range of American AMS specified material from group stock.

The following main grades of steel are now available from metalweb (either from in-house stock or via direct access to Reliance group stocks held in the USA) and we are already supplying existing customers with:

AlloyAMS/Other EquivalentsTreatments
13/8 MoAMS 5629Solution
15/5 PH AMS 5639 & AMS 5659 H900; H1025; Solution
17/4 PH AMS 5622 & AMS 5643 H1150; H1025; Solution; Annealed
A286AMS 5732 & AMS 5737
300MAMS 6257, S155, S162
4130AMS 6348, AMS 6370
4140AMS 6382
Stainless 303S31
Stainless 304S11
Stainless 316
Maraging steel C 250S162, AMS 6512

In addition, metalweb has access via Reliance to all of the major steel mill providers around the world. This includes priority access to supply deliveries and production pricing. As a group Reliance are the world’s largest stockist of steel material.


metalweb have in-house processing capabilities to ensure we can supply you with the size you need. These capabilities extend from simple bar cutting through to our in-house waterjet operation for complex shapes and the efficient nesting of material to optimise stock utilisation.