Other metals

metalweb other metals coilsAlthough the primary focus of metalweb is on aluminium, steels, titanium, nickel and copper alloys we do increasingly offer other materials. This is ideally suitable for those customers in hi-tech industries who are looking for a ‘one-stop’ shop. The range of these specialist materials includes:

  • Cobalt
  • Magnesium
  • Tin
  • Other special grades and alloys
  • Material in perforated and other forms

metalweb are part of Reliance Steel & Aluminum, the world’s largest material stockholder group. As a consequence we have direct access to a wide range of materials and specifications held within the group. This is especially true for American specification material that is difficult to source in Europe.

With one telephone call to metalweb you can directly access the stocks of the world’s largest material stockholder. For items that we have stocked in the USA, or elsewhere in our group around the world, we can offer several delivery options depending on your time and cost requirements. So whatever material you need and whenever you need it we can provide it.