Nickel Alloys

nickel alloys round bar

In today’s ‘high performance’ market sectors such as aerospace, marine, motorsport and oil & gas, nickel alloys are a key product. They offer strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is notable that nickel alloys are very corrosion-resistant even at very high strength levels.  Nickel alloys are a higher cost material than aluminium or steel. metalweb are able to offer a range of nickel alloys to suit many end-uses.

Nickel 625 and Nickel 718 both have high strength and good cryogenic properties. Nickel 625 is very well suited to marine applications (amongst others) due to its excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance properties.

Nickel 718 is particularly suited to aerospace applications. The sub-zero temperatures experienced at altitude as well as the intense heat of engines/burners require special material properties that Nickel 718 can provide. It maintains high strength and has good ductility and oxidation resistance up to high temperatures. In addition it also has the outstanding cryogenic properties required.

Stock range

The following nickel alloy products are now available from metalweb (either from in-house stock or via direct access to Reliance group stocks held in the USA) and we are already supplying existing customers with:

  • Nickel round bars
  • Nickel flat bars
  • Nickel square bars
  • Nickel plate
  • Nickel 625 – AMS 5666
  • Nickel 718 – AMS 5662