Copper Alloys

metalweb copper alloys
An increasing range of copper alloys are available from metalweb and these are suitable for a number of applications including aerospace. The range of copper products supplied to customers ranges from primary copper forms through to brass, aluminium bronze and phosphor bronzes.

Stock range

The following copper and copper based alloy products are now available from metalweb (either from in-house stock or via direct access to Reliance group stocks held in the USA) and we are already supplying existing customers with:

Copper grades:

  • C101
  • C106
  • AMS 4500 (hard)
  • AMS 4501 (soft)
  • AMS 4602

Copper Nickel:

  • AMS 4596

Brass grades

  • CZ106
  • CZ108
  • CZ112 (Naval Brass)
  • AMS 4614
  • AMS 4611

Aluminium bronze grades:

  • AMS 4640
  • BSB24

Phosphor bronze grades:

  • AMS 4625
  • AMS 4510
  • BS2875