Investment in new product range of six sides sawn blocks

metalweb are pleased to reveal that we have made further investments in new products as part of the continued expansion of the stock range we offer our customers. We have recently invested in a new product range known as ‘six sides sawn’ cast blocks which are cut on every face with a sawn finish. We have bought a range of 25 thicknesses ranging from 38mm to 600mm. Sizes start at 3020mm x 1520mm but go down to 1010mm x 1010mm at the thicker end.

Steve Webb, Purchasing Manager at metalweb said: “We have the ability to cut cast blocks in-house on our specialist plate saw covering 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm thick and as we keep stock in-house, lead times for this product are reduced. Importantly, it is cheaper to produce, boasts a superior flatness and is appreciatively more stable. In summary, this investment means we have a competitive advantage in the UK.”

In Europe, particularly in Germany, ‘cast’ 5083 is increasingly being used as a replacement for the more traditional ‘rolled’ 5083 plate. We expect product applications to extend to toolmakers/mould makers, food packaging equipment/machinery, measuring equipment manufacturers, thermoforming toolmakers, printing & label machinery, precision engineering and medical equipment.