aluminium sheet guilottining

In order to minimise inventory, scrap and to maximise throughput rates, advanced engineering companies demand material to be supplied in exact quantities, just-in-time and in a form that is near to final shape.

metalweb have the capabilities therefore to supply items profiled to near net shape.  This saves our customers time and money in final machining. metalweb offer a range of services and processing for aluminium sheet, and these include in-house facilities for sheet cutting (guillotining) and Waterjet cutting.

Material as long as 3658mm (12′ length) and as small as a few millimetres can be cut to your exact size. Before processing all items are optimised in order to minimise waste. Our guillotines can cut sheet to your required size including the production of strips and blanks. To ensure our sheet stock reaches you in prime condition material can be pvc coated on both sides with our poly-coating machine. This is particularly important if the surface finish needs to be scratch-free.

The normal cutting tolerance offered is ±1mm but tighter tolerance cutting is possible – for example using the metalweb Waterjet cutting service. The quality of the cut can provide a surface which is acceptable as a finished surface and can eliminate a machining operation.