Direct-to-line kit feeds

metalweb kit supplymetalweb has the experience and knowledge to offer a complete ‘kit’ service on a direct-to-line feed basis to those customers that require this. metalweb can therefore manage the complete set of supply operation processes, which can include some or all of the following activities:

  • metal procurement
  • material stocking
  • distribution
  • supply chain management
  • processing, machining and fabricating  operations
  • material analysis and testing
  • sub-contractor management
  • tailored packing solutions including bespoke made renewable pallets and boxes
  • metal identification to meet individual requirements
  • just-in-time supply
  • component supply to assembly line

metalweb can manage the operation to provide an end product that is palletised together on bespoke packing to make a complete set of component parts for the customer. This significantly and tangibly increases their efficiency as well as saving them time and money. Please contact us and see how we can help your supply chain efficiency.